1.  Personal Willpower & Freedom          7.    Social Awareness

2.  Personal  Physical Needs                       8.    Intimacy/Shared Emotions

3.  Personal Rational Thinking                   9.    Shared Beliefs & Knowledge

4.  Personal Emotional Security/Home  10.  Responsibility to Society

Home & Family                                                     Career

5.  Personal Creativity/Self-Expression  11.  Social Progress & Altruism

6.  Personal work / Physical healing         12    Spirituality & Transcendence

This 12-sided model of life emphasizes that all sides of life are equally important and necessary to the health and well-being of an individual and, in larger terms, of society.  Each individual is challenged to first acknowledge that these 12 different sides exist, and then is challenged to acknowledge that they are all equally important and necessary.  Then the individual is challenged to acknowledge where his/her biases are in relation to the other sides.  These are the first steps in being willing to recognize other points of view and to be able to accept other points of view.   More important these initial steps allow individuals to find ways of working together with others and finding common agreements.

Different individuals will gravitate to different sides of life more naturally, and will want to express the value of their orientations.  This positive need to express the value of a specific side of life becomes negative and destructive when other sides are not seen as valuable or necessary for existence.