Review from The Book Reader, America’s Most Independent Review of New Books Spring/Summer 1999

At last, a great workbook, very user-friendly, for beginners to teach themselves about the art and science of astrology.  Boom – the author tells us straight off:  “You do not need to know anything about astrology to be able to use this book.  The chart symbols, meanings of the elementary astrological symbolisms in cyclical and psychological terms, clear exercises to get you interpreting your chart.  Common questions and guidelines for interpretation.  Aren’t the sun and moon considered more important than the other planets?  What does it mean to study the birth chart as a whole?  Mercury’s dominant characteristic is “capacity to think and communicate rationally” and that section is followed by pages to fill out, dealing with interpreting Mercury House position, blending signs and house positions, Mercury sign/house blends.

“Astrology is the study of human behavior and potential in terms of cycles of energy.” Author Mark Mann has the sort of varied history that can only lend to his expertise in astrological interpretation: a psychologist, a therapist, career counselor, who has practiced astrology over 25 years.  He talks (simply), we listen (simply).  Simple and understandable.  . . . This outstanding work based on detailed research, is one of the best presentations of astrology for the dummy.  At a certain level to be a curious dummy is an honor.”