Category: 1. Published Books

In my book, A Collection of Wordstreams (published on Kindle in August 2010), I explore the emotional search for love and romance, longing and loneliness, as well as the joyful and trans-formative experience of intimacy.  I also write about the spiritual experiences of exploring inner and alternate dimensions, and potentials for individuals to use these trans-formative connections with transcendental realities to become channels for creative and compassionate expressions that can bring positive changes to the world.

As a writer, I want my writings to celebrate life in all of its different facets and dimensions.  I want to encourage the search for meaning in the natural cyclical rhythms of life.  I want to encourage people to explore inner gateways into alternate, spiritual realities.

I want my poetry to be challenging, to spur the reader to break old, stale patterns, to entertain new possibilities in life, to be willing to search for and embrace change and transformation that will enable one to become more whole and be able to experience life more fully.


Many introductory books on astrology offer definitions for the basic symbolism of astrology without telling you how these definitions have been determined. If you are going to be able to use astrology in a personal and practical way, you have to understand the interconnective patterns behind the symbolism. If you are truly going to learn to “think astrologically,” you have to understand how the pattern of cyclical development applies to human behavior and potential.

Why is Aries associated with assertiveness? Why is Cancer associated with emotional sensitivity? Isn’t Pisces also associated with emotional sensitivity? What is the difference between the emotional sensitivity of Cancer and of Pisces? Why does Mercury symbolize our rational mind and Jupiter our abstract mind? Why does the 7th House symbolize general social relationships and the 8th House symbolize intimate one-to-one emotional sharing?

One purpose of this book is to explain how the basic symbolism of astrology is based upon the cyclical processes. Another purpose is to give you the ability to translate astrological terminology and symbolism into concepts that you can apply to your personal development.